ToSo Online Test Series


  • All tests with top quality questions that are similar to the real JEE exam. The exams cover the entire syllabus

  • A concept video attached to each question in the tests. The concepts are explained directly by the faculty themselves. These concept videos cover the basic concept related to a particular question. Your students can view these videos after attempting the tests. These videos will not only brush up their subject but will also help them to visualize the concept related to the questions in a practical way. After viewing the video, the student can retry solving the problem

  • One hint video per question in the tests where it seems practical. Like they say "Don’t feed the fish. rather teach them how to fish." Student can take aid from the hint video to solve the problem at hand when the concept video fails to stimulate his capabilities

  • A Solution video for important question. The faculty themselves created these videos. The faculty first shows how the concept (explained in concept video) is connected to the problem at hand and then shows how to apply that concept to solve it step by step.

  • The student is given detailed analysis question by question showing how he faired against the topper and the least marks student. The extensive Reports will indicate the areas the student should focus on

  • Real JEE exam simulator that will ensure the student is comfortable for the real exam regarding using the technology